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Work smarter, not harder.

Simplifying and streamlining your HR processes can go way toward boosting your productivity and bottom line. That’s why we created our Workforce Management Suite. Instead of using different systems or tedious manual tasks to manage employees, the Workforce Management Suite combines industry-leading tools for time, attendance, and scheduling for comprehensive, affordable workforce management. Let us show how your business can work more efficiently and save money.

Advanced time and attendance.

In most cases, time really does equal money. So managing your employee’s time and attendance accurately and efficiently is important for your business. With our professional-level solution, you can simplify all the challenges that come with tracking time and attendee – not to mention lower labor costs and streamline your HR operations.

Genesis Workforce Management Suite offers TimeWorksPlus – a cloud-based timekeeping system that eliminates your spreadsheets, integrates with your payroll system, works across all of your locations, and makes compliance a cinch. Featuring mobile access, your offsite employees can punch in/out using the self-service portal, and your supervisors can easily ensure that all their team members are where they should be every single shift.

Intelligent clocks.

For your daily time-tracking needs, Genesis Workforce Management Suite provides intelligent, interactive clocks powered by TimeWorksPlus. Let us help you find the option that best fits your employees, budget, company culture, and organization logistics, including touchscreen clocks with fingerprint recognition. We can implement your clocks on company webpages, employee portals, custom applications, and mobile device.

Sophisticated scheduling.

Even a small scheduling miscue can cause major headaches and costs for your business. Included in Genesis Workforce Management Suite, TimeSimplicity revolutionizes the scheduling process for your managers and employees. This powerful tool allows you to create schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity, view schedules at a glance, fill last-minute shift vacancies within seconds, and much more. Not only does TimeSimplicity prevent and solve common staffing problems, it also help reduce over-staffing and unplanned overtime.


  • Save time with automation
  • Advanced team scheduling
  • Makes tracking overtime easy
  • Raise employee retention