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Working better together.

While many companies view benefits administration and payroll as separate tasks, there is actually value in approaching them together. Considering how connected both are to HR, it makes logistic and financial sense to integrate them at your business.

At Genesis, we can combine benefits admin and payroll into one complete program. Not only will you lower cost, but also improve efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction. It’s a rare case where everyone truly wins.

Advantages of integration:

  • Improves regulatory compliance by making it easier to adhere to relevant laws
  • Enables electronic payments and filing
  • Eliminates double keying – employee data automatically flows between systems
  • Simplifies and speeds up open enrollment participation and management
  • Frees up HR and payroll staff time and empowers employees via self-service options
  • Requires only a single log in to access both systems, rather than multiple logins
  • Improves data tracking, reporting, and recordkeeping
  • Enhances employee experience, employee engagement, and decision making
  • Reduces IT infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Centralizes the management of benefits and payroll operations

How it works.

Through the implementation of cloud-based technology, we can merge your benefits administration and payroll processes into a single application.

We can integrate with the following leading employee benefits providers: