We make accepting
payments easy.

Let your customers pay the way they want to.

Few things are more important than accepting payments easily, processing transactions seamlessly, and getting paid quickly.

Lowering processing fees is an easy way to increase profitability. And the thinner your margins, the more important it is to keep your processing expenses as low as possible.

Our low fees are the same for all the major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Your data is safe with us.

Cybercriminals don’t limit their efforts to major retailers. Data breaches are catastrophic for SMBs. We use the latest in tokenization and EMV for maximum data security.

Did You Know?

  • 50 percent of SMBs have been breached in the past 12 months.1
  • 90% of attacks involve small businesses.2
  • “Hackers love small businesses [because] they don’t have the resources to put in high-end cybersecurity protection and they may not be consciously aware they are a target.”3

No more expensive processing fees.

“Genesis PPG was able to not only decrease our costs associated with accepting credit cards, but helped in the transition and integration to our new bill pay software.”

“Genesis has done a terrific job for us. Not only have they lowered our rates, but they have been great partners in growing our business and improving our payment processes.”

“Not only did they exceed the projected cost savings, they also continue to be proactive in suggesting solutions that have allowed us to engage our customers in new and unique ways.”