5 Ways HR Apps Are a Must-Have For a Mobile Workforce

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5 Ways HR Apps Are a Must-Have For a Mobile Workforce

Do you have employees that are on the go? Let’s review 5 ways a mobile HR app can help your business. 1. Employee Engagement Smart business owners are proactive about employee engagement. Is your HR app as advanced as those your employees use in their personal lives? If it’s clunky by comparison, you have a […]

Why is a Formal Onboarding Process Important?

Does your business have a well-designed onboarding protocol? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Like most business owners, you have a lot of things on your plate. Onboarding isn’t always top of mind. In many organizations, it consists of a short orientation meeting followed by reams of forms for the new hire to complete. After […]

Lower Payroll Costs With a Biometric Time Clock

Many business owners think biometric time clocks cost too much for the average server message block. Actually, this misconception is far more expensive. It prevents business owners from getting one. It is the lack of a biometric time clock that increases the cost of doing business. Why? Any other type of punch in device is […]

7 Good Reasons Subcontractors Should Use A Time Tracking App

  Mobile time tracking apps are gaining ground as the de facto standard for time tracking. Managing subcontractors can be a logistics hassle. The right mobile time tracking app can make all the difference. Here are 7 good reasons to download the HCMtoGo app: 1: Payroll Accuracy Mobile time tracking apps are more accurate, and […]

Six Payroll Problems To Keep In Mind

It is no secret that 20% of small businesses fail their first year. Payroll mistakes are the primary reason. Getting a grip on your payroll can ease cash flow and help keep your company afloat. As it turns out, payroll is critical. Payroll is also dependent on other systems that you need in place to […]